new consoles available tomorrow at Euronics. Online only!

PlayStation 5

We have promised you and we want to point this out as punctually as possible starting tomorrow you have another chance to take PlayStation 5 home.

In fact, it will be the Euronics chain that will make new units available. But you can only make the purchase online if Sony has specifically requested all European retailers.

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So arm yourself tomorrow with the F5 key and a little patience. We don’t know exactly what time of day the new units will be available, so you also need a little luck and connect at the right time.

We also do not rule out any technical issues with the site, because of the workload that the server will have to undergo and which has already occurred on previous occasions.

We hope the consoles will be available again in other retailers’ stores. In this article you will find all the necessary information and links

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Despite users’ perception of the scarcity of available consoles, it is a fact PlayStation 5 was the best launch ever. Which was again confirmed by both Sony and the actual sales figures.

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