No NES and SNES Mini more: Christmas strategy or virtual console comes to Nintendo Switch?

The recent confirmation by Reggie Fils-Aime about the will to stop the production of NES and SNES Mini after the Christmas 2018 and even more, it suggests the motivation for this decision. It is not the first time that such a thing arises: the NES Mini Initially it was seen as a limited edition product, but the request turned out to be so large that Nintendo had to revise the original project and restart production, also because there were aberrations on the market so people had issued bloody quantities to buy the miniconsole of real exploiters who have scientifically erased the expected scarcity of shares, bought shares and then sold them at unreliable prices. The official return to the market has led to a new sales wave and the same phenomenon has also occurred for the SNES Mini, demonstrating how this idea of ​​miniaturized nostalgic re-enactment certainly worked, which is also confirmed by Sony's quick response with its PlayStation Classic.

On the one hand, it is normal that the production of such objects is interrupted by a company that specializes in the sale of console and new video gamestherefore, the concentration must be maximally rounded Nintendo Switchalso in terms of production and logistics, which is understandable. With this decision, however, several questions are asked: firstly, why do we close a market segment that seems to flourish and is far from saturated? Because it is normal that mini-consoles can not be sold indefinitely, it is very likely that there is still a very large potential demand that needs to be met. Is the decision taken for other platforms? That is to say, we will never really see the rumor Nintendo 64 Mini, which has already emerged several times in the rumors?

The president of Nintendo of America justified the decision by stating that "the way users can continue to enjoy our classic content via the Nintendo Switch Online service", which opens up further hypotheses and questions, the fact that for the time being Nintendo Switch Online only relies on this aspectapp with NES games, which actually gets excellent support with the constant introduction of new titles in the catalog for service subscriptions. But it is only a part of those classics that users have shown again and removing the middle of the SNES Mini does not detect a corresponding modern method to play the classic titles of that console. The optimistic idea is that the will lies behind the words of Fils-Aime extend the emulation Nintendo classic consoles that go beyond NES alone.

the argument Virtual console on Nintendo Switch still shrouded in mystery: for a long time it was thought that this function would be present in the new console and then with the launch of Nintendo Switch Online, but so far the Japanese company has only talked about NES, or a small fraction of that wonderful retrogaming machine that was set up with Wii and Wii U and still can not understand the reticence of Nintendo when reproducing a feature so widely appreciated, even on a console that is as popular as Nintendo Switch. So a move that is so definitive by the company could mean that the will to concentrate on a new Virtual Console is proposed within the current console, making it possible always in the system of plus linked to the subscription to Nintendo Switch Online falls, perhaps maintain a mix of free titles with monthly additions and a digital store to buy more games.

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