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One in 100 is coming, Morena Marangi swore: "Everything together now" The pictures & # 39; s

Morena Marangi

Morena Marangi © Termolionline.it

TERMOLI. Always higher. We are talking about Termolian showgirl and singer Morena Marangi, who is taking part in the second episode of last Thursday's new show on Channel 5 "All Together Now" with Michelle Hunziker and J-Ax.

Music and a wall of 100 judges, including Morena, music and more than 50 singer competitors, music and 1 winner … From Thursday, May 16, 2019, in prime time on Canale 5, "All Together Now" is making its debut in Italy. produced by Endemol Shine Italy, which surprised the world!

Launched on the British network BBC One in January last year, the program immediately achieved incredible success: in just over a year, it has proven itself to be the most sold format in the world in no time.

At the head of the 6 episodes of the Italian version of the program is a surprising Michelle Hunziker. J-Ax will instead be the exceptional president of an incredible jury, made up of no less than 100 colorful and competent characters, who will form a real human wall like never before seen on TV. Among the judges of the Muro singers and famous faces and many other professionals from the world of music and entertainment.

Specifically, in these weeks, in the Wall of Everything Together Now we will see: Le Donatella, Fernando Proce, Mietta, Simona Bencini, Silvia Mezzanotte, Antonella Mosetti, Cizco, Alma Manera, Ronnie Jones, Marco Ligabue, Leonardo Decarli, Valentina Dallari , Ginta Biku, Ben Dj, Timothy Cavicchini, Ball and Barge, Giancarlo Genise, Nathalie, Andrea Dianetti, Pamela Petrarolo, Antonella Lo Coco, Leonardo Monteiro, Davide Papasidero, Valentina Parisse, Samantha Fantauzzi, Luca Valenti, Marcella Ovani, the Karma B , Morena Marangi, Sonia Addario, Alma and Rueka, Mariateresa Amato, Bido Bè, Alexa Selvaggia, Luca Buttiglieri, Brigida Cacciatore, Carmine Caiazzo, Susanna Caira, Sophia Calisti Guidotti, Irene Calvia, Benedetta Caretta, Lanfranco Carnacina, Claudia Casciaro, Jane Ceccarelli, Maria Elisa Cirillo, Valeria Colombo, Beatrice De Do, Fabio2U, Mirkaccio, Claudio Di Cicco, Sherrita Duran, Valeria Farinacci, LaRomAntica, Jonathan Heitch, Marco Gangi, Susanna Gecchele, Anna Guerra, Valenti na G ullace, Vito Iacoviello, Valeria Iaquinto, Marco Iecher, Fabio Ingrosso, Elio Irace, Ketzal, Veronica Kirchmajer, Letizia Liberati, Lucya, Maruska Starr, Marc Mari, Marika Voice, Leonardo Martera, Forlenzo Massarone, Lorenzo "Marte" Menicucci, Davide Misiano , Vincenzo Molino, Giorgio Montaldo, Daniele Moretti, Ylenia Oliviero, Serena Ottaviani, Giulio Pangi, Carlo Piazza, David Pironaci, Eleonora Puglia, Ludovica Russo, Marco Salvati, Sara Sartini, Serena Savasta, Angelica Sepe, Serena Menarini, Valentina Shanti, Silvia Specchio, Melissa Sylla, Sunymao, Alessia Tavian, Isotta Tomazzoni, Mikele Trambusti, Gabriella Zanchi, Raffa Zanieri.

In addition, Michelle Hunziker and J-Ax will also host big names on the show, with whom they will perform unexpected performances in some cases. In addition to the jury members, "All Together Now" will be the main players in the competition: the singers, selected in recent months by Roberto Cenci, artistic director and director of the program. All, amateurs and semi-professionals, will submit to the judgment of the colorful wall.

The formidable jury evaluates and comments open and unrestrained microphones (also during the performances) the presentation, appearance, sympathy, attitude and, of course, the singing performance of the aspiring singers. Only those who manage to excite and excite the jury to the extent that they come up to stand up, dance and sing will have the opportunity to continue their journey to "Everything Together Now".

In fact, every time a member of the wall stands up and sings, he attributes his voice to the competitor. The highest score is awarded to those who succeed in raising the highest number of judges.

In the semi-finals 20 participants and the last 10, plus all competitors who have obtained unanimous permission from the wall, will receive a score of 100. They will compete one on one until the final victory that the overall winner of the first edition of "All "will explain. Together Now ", which will win a prize of 50,000 euros.

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