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PAOLA CARUSO / Emergency operation after the Beijing Express final: "they put me in their place"

Small accident Paola Caruso during the final of Beijing Express 2018 – Adventure in Africa. The former Bonas of "Avanti un altro" was in the company of the other protagonists of the reality game Raidue in a famous club in Milan to attend the final. At the moment of the announcement of the winners, the showgirl was touched by a fair in the general enthusiasm. A shot that cost her a small emergency operation, as she said on social media. It was the former Bonas who revealed a series of Instagram stories in which she shared this experience with her followers.

"I was urgently operated yesterday"

"Yesterday I was operated in Rome urgently by my trusted surgeon" said Paola Caruso in an Instagram stories for her fans. Shortly afterwards he added some more details: "We missed this. But the most important thing is that they put me in their place ". Fortunately, it was a quick intervention, as told by the same showgirl who is now good and can easily handle her pregnancy. "Thank you, everything you've written to me to know my health conditions after the Beijing Express incident on Thursday. & # 39; said the competitor of Beijing Express 2018 reassuring all its fans! The former Bonas, in fact a few months ago, told them that they were pregnant.

"I have not fled anywhere"

A news that has given her enormous joy on the one hand, but on the other hand has seen that the future father leaves it at the moment of discovery. According to what was told by Paola CarusoThe man would have sent her out of the house. In reality, Francesco, a professional entrepreneur, has denied the version of the irresistible showgirl! In fact, the man decided to break the silence and defend himself against the accusations of Paola Caruso. To do this he decided to send a long letter to Barbara D & # 39; Urso in which he said his version of the facts: "I have not fled anywhere. I have only ended a relationship because of an incompatibility of a character. I also tried to put together again but it did not work ".

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