Paralyzed from chicken curry: «I had to learn to brush my teeth again»

He had just eaten at a Chinese restaurant, where he had eaten chicken nuggets in curry sauce, and attended the rugby match of his 7-year-old son at Swansea Liberty Stadium; when suddenly David Braham was caught by a lightning disease that forced him to fight between life and death in a coma-pharmaceutical at the Princess Wales Hospital within a few days. For four months, 40-year-old Welsh, also the father of a 4-year-old girl, was completely paralyzed from head to head, unable to talk, eat and breathe, fed an infusion and kept alive by oxygen masks. A violent food poisoning has resulted in the terrifying Guillian-Barr syndrome, the rare autoimmune disease under the Uruguayan coach Oscar Tabarez, which also has consequences for the director Ermanno Olmi, who died in May. Never had David suspected that those little stomach cramps, which he believed only because of a difficult digestive system, would have led him to see death in the face: when I awoke from the coma, I had no idea what was going on – says today that partially taken over -. I was immobilized and I felt nothing, I did not see my children for months while I was in intensive care.

Paralyzed from chicken curry:

The sickness

After a week of antibiotics, the doctors sent him home, but the day after his resignation a strange tingling of his hands and feet began to spread through the body, so that he was no longer able to manage a muscle within 24 hours. to move. Only today, eight months after the episode, David manages to get out of bed and starts moving slowly: from December 8 at home sleeping with his children and every morning he comes back to the hospital, to continue undergoing analysis and exams. I had to learn to brush my teeth again – he reveals -. It is just like returning children, the brain knows how to do it, but the body does not react. Guillian-Barr syndrome is a neuromuscular pathology for which there is no specific treatment and, if not treated properly, can be deadly and regularly fatal or can have permanent disabilities; it affects the nervous system and the therapy to restore the vital functions can take years, or forever. It is estimated that in Italy two people suffer every 100 thousand inhabitants.

Paralyzed from chicken curry:

Christmas with his

David, a former driving instructor, separated from his wife, has always been a sportsman, who trained every day in the gym: currently in detox treatment at Cardough's Landough Hospital – where he undergoes daily sessions of gymnastics and water therapy – but the worst, luckily, now behind. However, the experience clearly marked it: it was frightening, hell on earth – he recalls -. I did not know if I could see my children again, I thought I could not walk anymore. But the thought of my two sons helped me fight, the only thing I wanted to play with them again and do the porridge. The case recalls that, much more dramatically, in July a 37-year-old British triathlete was on holiday in Corf, who died as a result of a bacteria in raw chicken served by the hotel. Even in the case of David, it is likely that the meat has not yet been cooked to perfection. Now it is his goal to sit on the table with Christmas, surrounded by his loved ones (and without chicken in the men): the opening of the gifts together will be the most special feeling ever.

Paralyzed from chicken curry:

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