Press freedom, Agcom intervenes. And the case breaks out in the M5S

The issue of press freedom and insults to journalists – called "whores" by Alessandro Di Battista – even threatens 5-star movement.

occurs Elena Fattori, one of the & # 39; rebels & # 39; who voted against the confidence on the safety bill and who now & # 39; on trial & # 39; is in the movement. "Consistency would like to show all their virginity to all journalists who have been elected with 5 stars," he says on his Facebook page, "What do you think of journalists who do politics? Is it logical to call for objectivity when each party ultimately asks for journalists? For example, Mentana does not agree. If a political power strongly supports journalists not being biased, consistency is required not to nominate journalists. Am I wrong?"And for those in the comments he points out that" the journalists elected in the M5S do not exercise the profession of journalist ", Fattori replies:" But they did it and if they were chosen with the 5 stars, they clearly had a relationship with it and not it were goals. Objectivity can be conditioned? ".

The problem also comes in the fieldAGICOM that stigmatizes attacks on the press and repeats the need for "free, pluralistic information, respect for the dignity of people, the role of political forces and the professional autonomy of journalists".

but Alessandro Di Battista it does not jump. "As we wanted to show, the corporatist, childlike, pathetic, hypocritical, conformist and, conversely, counterproductive defense of part of the media system began," says the former substitute grillino on Facebook, "The demonstrations for press freedom are welcome, only they must be made in Switzerland under the house of De Benedetti, in Arcore under the house of Berlusconi or for the unfinished Many di Calatrava for which the Caltagirone group received a lot of money. When I decided not to be a minister, I did it for one reason only: to be completely free to write and say what I think. This is an incredible privilege, except for blue cars and checks at the end of the term. And when you become addicted to freedom, you want more and more, even if you know what to say, which you think will make you so many enemies and sometimes it will make you bloody. But at the same time, it makes you look in the mirror".

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