Riccardi clarifies the delays in loading tampons

“Extending the Region’s IT services and tools to all structures that make up the system recognized by public health is an extremely important aspect that will enable us to improve the flow of information, one of the most critical aspects with which we took into account during the pandemic ”. This was stated by the Deputy Governor in charge of health, Riccardo Riccardi, explaining to the I Board Commission the changes to article 6 of the associate (bill 116).

Responding to the advisers about the responsibilities that caused delays in loading the tampon data from private structures, Riccardi did not deny that the inclusion of this new case caused problems for the system.

While we manage such a complex game, he noted – I think some responsibility should be shared between all actors. There have certainly been critical problems on the platforms uploading the data and even the departments have blamed problems: we are confident that the careful work of the engineers will fix them in a few days.. Aside from the inevitable complexity we encountered, on the final certification of the data, which is always shared with the Ministry and the Higher Institute of Health, I give myself out personally“.

The second change, Riccardi explained, concerns the regulations for the accreditation of health institutions. “With the law we provide that the procedure can take place with the approval of the corporate law”.

On the occasion, Riccardi stated regarding the timing of the approval of the corporate documents that “work is hoped to be completed within a few months.”

“I believe – added Riccardi – that the complexity of the corporate deed cannot foresee excerpts and we hope it can be adopted upon completion of the Memorandum of Understanding between the region and the university: I hope that the pandemic will continue to progress. will make it possible to complete it within a few months. of the path “.

Riccardi then illustrated the two amendments to Article 8 of the Stability Act (ddl 117). The first concerns the creation of a regional registry for deaths from heart attack, with coordination entrusted to the company Giuliano Isontina. “It is necessary to examine the hearts of those unfortunately affected by sudden cardiac death, in order to implement prevention activities also for family members with genetic abnormalities,” explains Riccardi.

The other change concerns the launch of an experimental home activity and stipulates that within the paths determined by public health, it is possible to reserve a fee for the reduction of the fee, including for the home. “Today this condition does not yet exist, but in the meantime we are starting this experimental process by referring to the Executive – the Deputy Governor announced – the evaluation of the composition of the subjects who can participate in it, discussing the measures in detail. perfect “.

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