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Rice diet Integral | In white | It works menu

DIET OF RICE – As can clearly be seen from the name, this diet represents rice as an almost exclusive food.

It is a low calorie and high protein diet that has been quite successful recently.


German doctor Walter Kempner established the rice diet. The rice has a strong satiating capacity, thanks to the high fiber content and the fact that it absorbs a lot of water during cooking.

In this way nocturnal attacks of hunger are avoided, which can not be reconciled with a correct diet. Among other characteristics of rice, it is low in sodium and contains fewer calories.

Among the existing rice varieties, which are preferred, are venereal rice, basmati rice, red rice, brown rice and wild rice.

Of course you can and should eat other things: fresh fruit, vegetables, other grains, legumes not in a pot (fresh or dried) and low protein foods, such as very thin cheeses, fish and chicken breast.

Excluded: salt, dressing oil, butter, margarine, fat and alcoholic foods.

This diet makes it possible to reduce calories, fats, especially animal proteins and sodium. However, the negative aspects are not lacking.

It is indeed a rather drastic regime and therefore not always recommended. It is important to avoid do-it-yourself diets, but you should always consult your doctor first.

Among the main problems, the poor nutritional balance, the possible loss of muscle mass and the monotony in food.

In general, the rice diet is divided into two phases. The first takes 15 days and requires considerable effort, because only 800 calories are allowed, almost exclusively from rice.

This is the phase where you can lose more weight. In this cycle you have to eat rice all day, seasoned with a little oil.

Here we can add fruit and vegetables, but in moderation.

The second phase includes 1200 calories and you can eat meat, vegetables, fish and low-fat cheese in addition to rice.

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