S. Matteo, outbreak in the Medicine Department. Positive in Covid 7 patients and 9 health professionals

The ward was closed and patients were transferred to allow sanitation. Concerns between doctors and nurses

PAVIA. Seven patients and nine Covid-19 positive physicians and nurses in San Matteo’s Medicine II Department. The discovery of the outbreak is from these hours, but it is said to have been fueled thanks to a series of infections that have taken place over the past two weeks. The infected patients, all negative on entry, were transferred to a Covid unit. And the others have moved too. Because Medicina II will be closed to allow the complete clean-up of rooms and furniture. It will be reopened only 48 hours after remediation, again as a Covid-free department. During these hours, the trade union Fials contacted the management several times to request an urgent measure. “The staff fear for themselves and for the patients – explains general secretary Roberto Gentile -. Because we are talking about nurses and doctors who work without the aids given to the Covid wards ». “We have dealt with the situation – replied Carlo Nicora, general manager of San Matteo -. We will take care of the remediation of Medicina II, precisely in order to resume activity in complete safety ».

The discovery

The Covid al Dea outbreak has come to light in all its seriousness in recent days. “But the first cases had surfaced a week ago – explain the staff – one patient had tested positive for the control smear, which is done periodically after admission, and that was already a cause for concern. Then it repeated itself, with six others. sick people. At that moment it was clear that it was serious business ».

Then the outbreak also attacked the employees. Nine, including doctors and nurses, had to be quarantined because they were infected with the Coronavirus. It must be said that in Medicina II there are 19 nurses, 14 Oss, 4 structured doctors, plus 5-6 for day, party and night watchmen, and finally 8 postgraduates.


Management’s move was to decide the transfer of the sick to a Covid ward, as well as the rest of the wards reserved for regular hospitalization. Meanwhile, concern has spread in the ward. “Through the intervention of Fials, the workers asked the general manager for an explanation because they feared for their safety – Gentile emphasizes. But management has not responded so far. It’s pretty clear there’s an ongoing outbreak in Medicine II. For this reason, we propose that top management evaluate the transformation of the structure to a Covid department. This would enable doctors and nurses, who now only wear Ffp2 protective coats and masks, to have the necessary precautions to operate in an infectious context, and thus to work with all the necessary precautions ”.

I halved medicine

Medicine I now also appears to be measuring the effects of the virus in the field. In this case we are talking about a department that has been converted to Covid. The problem is that here, too, some doctors and nurses, who tested positive for the cotton swab, had to leave the ward temporarily. For example, a department was temporarily closed due to a lack of staff. It will reopen as soon as employees can return to work. –

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