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Sardinia, the Shepherd Movement: "Pd and center right are guilty, set by the M5's, but we do not want flags"

the milk war that I Sardinian shepherds they want to fight without flags or political colors, at the price paid by industrialists dropped to 60 centsa political value is good. And it was no different, since Sunday 24 February Sardinia they will be held regional elections. So much even that, a little bit like that happened before me yellow cardigans in France with the parties right and left, even in Italy, politicians try to make the protest of the predecessors, who do not want to know at this moment. And they even launch one ultimatum to the institutions: if in a few days you can not find a solution to the dispute about the milk price, announce the block of chairs the whole island.

"While we protested in the greatest freedom, without any political color, at the low price we paid for our milk, we gave up support and attractive proposals". To talk to ilfattoquotidiano.it it is Federico Floris, spokesperson for the Movement of Sardinian shepherds (and son of the historical leader of the movement, Felice). That tells the immobility of the regional government of today Centre and the previous of the Centre: "Ten days ago Francesco Desogus, governor candidate of the M5S in the regional elections on Sardinia, he introduced us to the armchair of Alderman for agriculture in case of victory in the elections, in exchange for our support. "An attractive idea: the movement of the Sardinian shepherds came together and discussed it, but ten days ago people were not on the streets pouring liters and liters of milk. It all started with a shepherd, only one, tired of giving milk to the industrialists. "Now there is a mechanism activated and we want to go on and on," says Floris, who explained the position of the movement before he emptied a milk cooler. in a video posted on Facebook.

THE PROTEST THAT DOES NOT WANT TO FLAG – "In Tramatza (Oristano) we have decided that it is time to declare the war to everyone, without abandoning anyone," he said. Add: "Our work is coming speculated from many people: industrial from milk, slaughterers, feed mills. Everyone around us is fine, only we are bad. "Then the appeal to the shepherds who stick to the movement: going to the street"without flags and without acronyms"Because those of the Sardinian herders want a battle without political colors, although it is difficult not to talk about these issues two weeks before the vote, and despite the current region, led by the pd, is central to the accusations of the shepherds themselves. On the other hand, the issue of the milk price is not new in these parts.

THE PARTY SHOULD TRY PROTEST – If the motivations of the yellow vests in France were immediately stopped, in primis, of Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchonleaders of the most important left and right parties, even in Italy, politicians have tried to find a common path. The 5-star movement met the Sardinian shepherds last week and yesterday also the prime minister Giuseppe Conte he went to Cagliari. "The government is attentive, but the time is short", the pastors commented after the meeting. The Vice Premier League also intervened in the case Matteo Salvini, in the style of the minister of agricultural policy Gianmarco Centinaio: "I think it is urgent to create one Some national committee with shepherds, producers and industrialists for sheep milk, with the state (given the absence of the Region) returning to the state and minimum negotiating priceeven with a possible part of it subsidy"The candidate for the secretary of the Democratic Party Maurizio Martina entrusts its considerations to Facebook: "The images we see today from the streets of Sardinia, where the annoyed pastors have started to tilt the milk to demand fair prices, nobody can remain indifferent".

THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF PD AND CENTRODESTRA – The people involved are not impressed by the solidarity demonstrations and want to see the facts, after months and months of words. In Sanluri the shepherds who protested for a dairy factory rejected a delegation of politicians who, according to the breeders, were "just doing election campaignWhat happens, however, only affects the voice that citizens have voiced at regional elections, what happened in Pattada, in the province of Sassari, is symbolic. The new Sardiniainstead of spilling the milk about 250 citizens of the municipality went to the town hall and have electoral cards returned, in protest against the Region ruled by Francesco Pigliaru (Pd), considered one of the main culprits in the collapse of the milk price. The Region has, among other things, promoted negotiations between associations representing breeders and industrialists. A table was opened in September and resumed last Thursday with a long meeting in Cagliari, but did not lead to the setting of a minimum price. The meeting was postponed until Wednesday 13 February. "They have to give us guarantees," explains the spokesman for the Sardinian shepherd movement. As far as politics is concerned, some stones have been removed: "Now the former Minister Martina writes, but our requests have been the same for a while." Leading the region today is exactly the same. pd and previously there was the Centre. The responsibilities are there. "The former Minister of Agriculture recalls that even in 2017 the price had dropped to 60 cents per liter." We have made a number of choices, such as direct aid to farmers and the introduction of the roundabout with which producers can more easily to work financing in the bank and not notice that they are selling the product. "In 2018 the price in the barn had risen to 85 cents, now a new collapse.

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