started dismissal practices for the CFO

The highlights of Activision Blizzard would have decided to start the new year with a corporate move that was meant to be echoed throughout the sector, ie with the removal of Spencer Neumann of the accusation of Financial director from the American videogame giant.

CNBC journalists anticipate the news. As reported on the American site of the famous all-news channel, the Activision Blizzard CFO is present at the moment paid leave and his resignation would soon come into effect.

According to the sources interviewed by CNBC, the cause of the contractual termination of Neumann should not be sought in the serious 26% decrease the value of the shares incorporated in 2018, even if all directions would lead in this direction. The news of the thump of ten percentage points of the company's share value in December due to the decline of users, in fact, may have contributed to the last tear.

The new Activision Blizzard course is managed by Dennis Durkin, the personality chosen by the board of the Santa Monica conglomerate to play the role of CFO.

Still based on the reconstruction of the event offered by CNBC journalists, Neumann would already be in talks Netflix to take on the function of financial director of the streaming giant. Only after a while will we understand what reflexes can have industrial earthquake Activision Blizzard on the medium-term plans of the Californian company that will launch on the market titles in 2019 such as Sekiro Shadows, Die Twice, Diablo Immortal and the next, inescapable chapter of the epic shoot-through of Call of Duty.

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