The gastroenterology of the Riuniti di Foggia is a department of Covid. “Healthcare guaranteed, even for patients not infected with the virus”

General management as part of the Covid emergency business plan, triggered a new alert level for the specific virulence resulting in the high hospitalization of Covid-19 patients in Policlinico Riuniti in November. “The 5th level – explain from the hospital – was only foreseen in the event of exceptional epidemic circumstances and represents a kind of general mobilization of specialized operational units: since the beginning of the pandemic two complex specialized structures such as endocrinology, led by Olga Lamacchia, and rheumatology, directed by Francesco Paolo Cantatore, transforming their structure into a Covid department, also loved for their location in the Infectious Diseases Pavilion. The 5th level of warning it was actually activated with Covid’s nephrology department, coordinated by Giovanni Stallone, director of the UOC of Nephrourology. Now it’s the turnUOC at the Hospital Directorate of Gastroenterology.

The Gastroenterology Department from the Policlinico Riuniti of Foggia, directed by Rodolfo Sacco (photo above), takes on a dual role – they know about Riuniti –: following the indications of the general management after the study of the epidemiological situation of these intense weeks, a new and alternative was prepared, offered to all gastroenterological activities through a complex organizational network ”.

“A programming – reads the note from the outpatient clinic – which ensures continuity of care and care for patients for whom it is essential to optimally control pathologies while providing access to services for patients suffering from Covid-19 who need adequate care with a dedicated path and staffing organization . In fact, the department received a positive Covid indictment as early as Nov. 13 involving the ER for the management of the UOC Prof. Sergio Locaputo, an integrated team of nurses and Oss from the UOC of the department of Gastroenterology and Emergency Care and the support of organizational functions in the medical field.

In essence, outpatient visits and endoscopic procedures will remain useful as a normal ward activity for non-Covid patients without interrupting routine activities, but the care offering has been reshaped in light of the significant concentration of coronavirus patients through the transformation of hospitalization to a full Covid surgery unit using the following form: 16 beds Covid from November 24, 2020 8:00 am; dedicated medical personnel consisting of 10 medical executives already belonging to the UOC of Gastroenterology e 6 newly hired medical managers; reinforced the nursing staff to full capacity a 23 units; Improved Oss staff composed of 10 units of which: 3 employed by the UOC of Gastroenterology, 6 newly hired and 5 in the ER. 2 more units are added for a total of 16.

All resources and efforts deployed by the Policlinico Riuniti going in one direction: treating patients with chronic gastroenterological conditions and not with Covid-19 with all the precautions prescribed by the manual cases without the dual role of the gastroenterology department providing the standard of care always provided by the whole in endangers team “.

“Merging a Covid area into a department that is fully operating normally never locked in all these months of a pandemic with a separate path to ensure safe services is a complex and articulated – explains the General Manager of the General Hospital Riuniti Vitangelo Dattoli – but who has reasons for the will of the strategic management of the outpatient clinic to change the face of the hospital company in order to respond to the emergency as safely as possible: Covid and non-Covid patients will continue to receive healthcare as well as all health workers who are available every day with their professionalism ”.

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