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The M5S expelled the candidate for mayor in Cagliari

The M5S took the support of Alessandro Murenu, who was nominated as mayor on June 16 in the municipal elections in Cagliari. The M5S canceled the list in support of him and expelled him from the party because of messages he had published on Facebook in the past, expressing views that were contrary to civilian engagements and abortion. The deadline for presenting the lists ends on Saturday at noon: the M5S does not have enough time to find a replacement and will therefore not present a candidate for mayor in Cagliari.

Murenu is 58 years old, is a heart surgeon at Brotzu Hospital, has six children from two different marriages and is a child's grandfather. His candidacy was announced yesterday, but the controversy began immediately, particularly for a position he had shared in April, claiming that "abortion is a woman's right to call female stoning of a human right". Murenu had clarified his position yesterday by saying that "Law 194 cannot be touched, just as we do not go back to the rights of homosexual persons. My professional and family life bears witness to these values, including in defense of the rights of migrants," but I notice that with the opening of the election campaign the mud machine has been set in motion. My life, my profession, my work and personal relationships clearly speak for maximum tolerance and respect for people, without any prejudice "and finally that" arbitrary few sentences are taken and completely removed from the context ". Your account was canceled by Facebook yesterday at 5 p.m.

Today, in an official statement, the M5S announced the expulsion and reiterated that "there are values ​​that are part of the DNA of the movement, such as the idea of ​​a woman who has rights and duties identical to those of humans. In work We reiterate that we are light years away from the views expressed at the Verona Congress, and today we are returning to the subject to distance ourselves from what the mayor of Cagliari, Alessandro Murenu, said. Respect for women is necessary, but above all consistency, whoever wants to associate claims such as those expressed in Verona against women as the symbol of the movement is completely wrong and falls outside our project. ”The note refers to the controversial congress of the World Family Congress that took place in Verona at the end of March and had revealed new dividing lines in the government coalition: on the one hand there was the League, which the Congress and many of his themes supported, on the other hand, the 5-star movement, which had distanced itself from it and had not taken part in the event.

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