The most critical period is February-March

“First of all, we have to find out whether it will get cold second wave. But we will still have to pay attention to it in January third. It also happened with the Spanish, the waves were three. And we need one Christmas it is at New Year to make the same mistakes of the summer. The operation to protect the Italians with i vaccines, the monoclonals arrive. We cannot be careless here: we can start controlling the pandemic early next year ». Professor Giuseppe Ippolito is the scientific director ofSpallanzani Institute from Roma and part of Scientific technical committee.

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How much should we be concerned about?
“One of the greatest dangers is panic. We must be careful and careful, but we must not panic. Most young patients with symptoms recover from this disease. And among those who end up in intensive care, according to an international study, the death rate is not very high until after a certain age, 71.3 percent between 61 and 70 years, 77.1 between 71 and 80, 84, 4 over eighty . We are also clearing out the news that is circulating: no mutations in the virus have been detected to confirm that there may be consequences from a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view or that this will affect the effectiveness of the vaccine ”.

How did we get to such an aggressive second wave?
“Anyone who experiences infectious diseases expected a second wave. Unfortunately, after a summer marked by the criticism of certain behavior, what happened to the second wave of the Spagnola, which was associated with travel and behavior. Today we only have to take those who really need it to the hospital. But the answer from local medicine was missing ».

Do you refer to GPs?
“Many patients tell us that it is impossible to be seen by the GP and that they prefer to go to the emergency room, resulting in crowds and delays. We experience the same pressure situation as the influence of recent years. Let’s be clear, I know many GPs who are doing their best, and others who, like hospital colleagues, are more on TV than on the ward. However, the general practitioner system needs to be thoroughly reorganized. There are those who have 1,500 patients and when can you visit them at home at such a time when there are so many cases of fever? Some studios are small and full of people, how is safety guaranteed? We need to rethink the basic medical system ».

Professor Locatelli spoke of “slowing down the contamination curve”.
“Professor Locatelli’s analysis was perfect. But it is not a “free everything”. On the contrary, we have yet to understand whether the delay in the contamination race will quickly get us to safety. Let us always remember that the trend of the epidemic in the regions is measured with 21 indicators defining the uptake in one of the three bands. Three “packages” of numbers are evaluated: ability to monitor, detect infections and investigate contacts, health care in hospitals. The system ensures that each week, based on the numbers processed by the control room, the risk bands are allocated to the regions. We must expect changes, it is in the logic of the mechanism. But to understand if we are on the right track, we have to wait another two weeks. Instead, to see effects on weight reduction in intensive care, it is necessary to wait until December 8. In other countries that have decided on containment measures for us, contamination has slowed, I am thinking of France and Spain. The numbers are still very high, but it is an encouraging sign ».

But are we risking the third wave in January and February?
“There is no doubt that at Christmas and New Year we must take measures to contain the epidemic, we must travel, party and avoid large family reunions. It is a sacrifice, but we think we can celebrate again by Christmas 2021. The benefits We will see vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and new drugs in the spring, but I agree with Fauci: it will take all of 2021 to return to normalcy ”.

The third wave can coincide with the peak of the flu.
“Possibly, but the data coming to us from South America, Argentina, I think, is encouraging: the warnings we use against the coronavirus, such as masks, have also drastically reduced the spread of the flu.”

Naples, Covid patient found dead in Cardarelli Hospital bathroom

Shock in Naples, where a patient admitted to the Cardarelli emergency room suspect area, with likely Covid-19 infection and already on therapy, was found dead in the emergency room bathroom. To find the body, it was hospital staff who noticed the man’s excessive stay in the toilet.


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