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The report cards from Crotone – Budimir, evening no. Florence is the only one who tries it

© photo by Federico Gaetano
The report cards from Crotone - Budimir, evening no. Florence is the only one who tries it

Cordaz 6 – On the stamp of Idda does the possible, against the zuccata from zero distance of Baclet. For the rest takes no substantial risk and eventually he goes to the area of ​​the bruzi for a final desperate attempt and touches the goal of the lead.

Sampirisi 5.5 – Better in containment than in proposition, even if something attributes to the inspired Tutino. Do not interrupt the job when you are near the other end line. Too little to adequately assess his contribution on such a gray evening.

Vaisanen 5.5 – The start is promising and he gives himself a few exits in style. The evening is complicated after the break: a yellow remedy for a banned shot on Tutino, and a few minutes later, Idda, who wins the goal victory, is surprised.

Curado 5.5 – Stunned by the elbow of Maniero who gives up the opponent red. He too was indirectly involved in the decisive episode of the evening: it is in vain (in collaboration with Marchizza) on Baclet, who feeds the plot and is then capitalized by Idda.

Hammer 5 – convincing forty-five minutes in which Stoian and good solidity are supported in coverage. Then the controversial episode: it hits Baez in the belly with a shovel and is expelled. However, the dynamics of the intervention seem to suggest that a yellow in that circumstance would have been fairer.

Molina 5 – It is very difficult to get out of traffic and does not show ideas one night without technical details and ideas to write down. In any case, try to be useful in the non-possession phase, but it does not matter much. Leave the field to Simy for the final attack. (From 77 & # 39; Simy s.v.).

Barberis 5.5 – A toxic right from a distance impossible on placed walled without too much trouble from Perina. The only flash of a race that relies on a sometimes confusing direction, alternating good exit with other revisables. Flooded by the chaos of the last minutes.

Rohdén 5.5 – In the first time, a potentially fatal opportunity with a late conclusion ravaged, released after a hint of too much. He can guarantee more than others the crack in the middle of the field, but he commits more inaccuracies than the lawful ones and pays fatigue when the troops should change the pace.

Florence 6.5 – The second half almost takes the appearance of a duel between him and Perina: he repeatedly searches the mirror with his right hand, usually from the edge of the area. The accuracy is (certainly) to be revised, but has the merit of trying, and ending the monopolizing of the offensive transitions of him.

Budimir 5 – A few bites to the air for the double whistle. Tucked between the hidden spaces with which he is forced to make the bills, he seems more distracted and accommodating in the recovery. It devours one of the best chances to be face to face with Perina in the evening. (From 69 & # 39; Spinelli 5.5 – Betrayed by nervousness, does not prick and gets a yellow).

Stoian 6 – Despite the neat approach, his first time is constantly growing. It pushes the line of four of Cosenza with a few tracers to return, not capitalized by the comrades. Oddo sacrifices him at the interval to rearrange his plate to the red Martella. (From 46 & # 39; Marchizza 5.5 – Reversible closure of the Idda stamp).

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