“This is what he does while Pretelli is crying”, unprecedented humiliation – Libero Quotidiano

Viewers of the Big Brother Vip gone mad against Elisabetta Gregoraci. Those who follow the reality show Canale 5 share in real time the snaps they would feel about the beautiful ex of Flavio Briatore “interest” are eternal suitor Pierpaolo Pretelli. The former velino van Strip the newsAfter long minutes face to face with Elisabetta, he is the protagonist of the exciting meeting with his brother.

It beats everyone.  You're welcome?  Elisabetta Gregoraci, the censorship joke about dimensions: the secret of the VIP revealed, beyond the name

The two hug each other in the garden, laugh and cry together. “And in the meantime, this is what Elisabetta does”, Twitter users let go: Gregoraci does not follow Pierpaolo’s face-to-face live from the living room, but runs in the room to put on make-up for the trial of the week. The show must go on, it seems. But for many it is just a lack of interest.

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