This is when eating an apple can become really dangerous to your health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is one of the most famous sayings in history. But what if it were not valid for everyone? In fact, it is true that apples are healthy, nutritious and rich in beneficial substances for the body. But it is equally true that there are situations where this fruit can pose a real risk to the well-being of those who eat it. We are talking about allergy sufferers. Not everyone even knows that you can be allergic to apples. And that’s when eating an apple can become really dangerous to your health. The allergist Karl-Christian Bergmann from Charit√® Hospital in Berlin explained in an interview the risks and how this danger can be avoided.

What happens to people who are allergic to apples?

Allergist Bergmann explained that apple allergy mainly depends on the mechanism of cross-reactivity. Therefore, the immune system of a person allergic to this fruit receives in the same way the proteins found in the pollen of betulaceae and those on the skin of apples. And that’s why an uncontrollable allergic reaction is triggered here, which can last for about a few hours. But the doctor is very clear: only certain types of apples can cause these types of reactions. And these are Gala or Golden Delicious, rich in polyphenols, substances that are not very suitable for people who suffer from this allergy. The easiest way to get rid of these substances is to cook the fruit before eating it.


The study outlining Dr. Bergmann confirms

In support of Dr. Bergmann, according to which one should pay particular attention to certain apple varieties, is a study from 2008. The research, led by Dr. Ana Scancho has shown that the presence of allergens on apples varies according to the type being cultivated. So for allergy sufferers there is good news. Just choose the right types of this fruit to avoid any risk!

So this is when eating an apple can get really dangerous to your health. Just consult your doctor and inquire to choose the most suitable one!

(We remind you to read carefully the warnings in this regard, which you can refer to That”)

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