Vaccini, the protest of scientists. "Stop the false alarms"

Enough with the false warnings for vaccines. One hundred and thirty Italian scientists sign a petition to repeat that: "The health of the citizens also passes on correct information". The appeal is a strong conviction and comes after an analysis of the Corvelva anti-vaccination organization (Veneto Regional Coordination for the Freedom of Vaccinations), proved in many respects technically inadequate, had made heavy allegations about the safety of these drugs. Corvelva had entrusted the testing on some vaccines for children to a private laboratory, whose name, however, was not made public. The complaint: the presence of contaminating proteins and the absence of antigens that have to protect against diseases. Everything published on the internet under the title "Vaccingate" and taken from the Roman newspaper on the right The Time with a title on the title page: "Beware of those vaccines".

The case, according to the letter from the 130 medical experts (from the Director of the European Medicines Agency Guido Rasi to several members of the Accademia dei Lincei, from universities throughout Italy to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and fifteen foreign institutions) has been increased "Without some respect for the readers, endorsing analyzes that, as far as they have been leaked to date, have nothing scientific, transparent and reproducible ". The Vaccingate document was published on the internet by Corvelva in mid-December. "But the procedure followed for the analysis has failed and the results have not been evaluated". The AIFA, the Italian Agency for Drugs and the FISV (Italian Federation of Life Sciences) had already drawn up against this online document. "Corvelva Рthe president of Fisv had pointed out Gennaro Ciliberto, scientific director of the Regina Elena Institute in Rome Рprovides no original evidence, nor any detail that is sufficient to reconstruct the treatment performed".

To the fleas to the text of the & # 39; Vaccingate & # 39; to bring, in the first place, Enrico Bucci, professor of biology of the complex systems at Temple University of Philadelphia, who publishes his evaluation on Il Foglio. The analysis, points out Bucci, "follows a wrong procedure". That is why, when it goes in search of antigens that protect against diseases, "it does not find any trace". The real reason is that "the method used does not work". And the antigens, which are proteins, are confused with "mysterious protein contaminants", or "a threatening monster nested in what we inject into our children". Bucci, by repeating that the analysis takes "whistles for the bottles", also takes it with the author of the article The Time, the director Franco Bechis: "that he wrote a year ago that the measles epidemic is imported by migrants".

A final aspect of the controversy about the Vaccingate arises from its financing. About 10 thousand euros to Corvelva has actually arrived from the National Order of Biologists, as reported a few days ago by the international scientific journal nature and as published on the website of the Order, which states: 7 thousand euros have been awarded by the Council of the Order, instead three thousand personal of the director Vincenzo D & # 39; Anna, former Senator of the People of Freedom, always interviewed on The Time next to the Vaccingate cards. The order of the biologists, pointing to the letter from the 130 scientists, appears to "ignore the complex procedures of quality analysis of vaccine batches, which far exceed the improvised skills of laboratories without experience".

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Mario Calabresi
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