Val d’Aosta remains a red zone, the governor’s anger: “Conte tell us why, this is not serious”

“Yesterday we hospitalized a resident of Biella because so many CPRs in Piemonte were saturated. Today we deduce (no communication from Rome) that we will stay in the red zone and at the moment we don’t know why. Rome. must give us clear answers, this is not serious “. The president of the Aosta Valley region, Erik Lavevaz, writes on Twitter, at the head of a junta uniting progressive and autonomous forces, in controversy over the government’s choice not to reclassify the region in the orange zone.

Virus, in the Aosta Valley has already reached the same number of casualties from the first wave

by Paolo Viotti

Just today, the chain of deaths from the coronavirus in Aosta Valley was broken: no deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours. It is the first region in Italy to have no victims in the second phase of the pandemic. Since the start of the infection, when the Vallée had become the region of Italy with more contamination than the population, 302 people have died from Covid, 156 of which were only in the second wave, a number of vitrtime thus higher than those related to spring . .

Val d’Aosta, a curfew in effect from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. in Italy’s most contaminated region

If the number of cases of new positives returns to more than 100 units (101) today, that of the cured remains higher (167), confirming a constant decrease in the total number of infected, which dropped to 1,547 today. There are 129 hospital admissions (one more than yesterday), of which 15 in the intensive care unit of the Parini hospital in Aosta.

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