Ventura: "Enough lies, I gave up two years of salary"

ROME – "This time I do not tolerate lies, I resigned from Chievo and not the results (I would have even left in the case of victory with Bologna), but because I and the company wanted to achieve salvation in two different ways. to ask or demand something ". The truth of Gian Piero Ventura at his resignation he arrives at the Ansa with a long explanation.

THE EXPLANATION – "I declare – says the former national team coach in his statement to the ANSA – I came to Chievo for friendship, because President Campedelli is a friend, and because the moment of difficulty of the team coincided with my great desire to resume I then decided to interrupt the relationship, not for the results (I would have resigned even in the case of a victory with Bologna), but when I was certain that, although we wanted to achieve the same goal, that is the salvation of Chievo, me and the company wanted to pursue it in two different ways: at that moment I could not expect them to marry my ideas, nor did they think I would share their ways, I gave up two years of contract with a consensual termination – Ventura adds – without asking or demanding anything, they only recognized the month of the work, these are the facts, I wish happiness to society, even if now dividing our paths. "

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