“We are trying to reopen schools for Christmas. No holiday in the snow “

Conte, Dpcm: “We are trying to reopen schools for Christmas.  No vacation in the snow

Giuseppe Conte guest of Lilli Gruber a Eight-thirty her La7 continues to emphasize the hard line of government: “A Christmas we will not repeat Mid-August, no vacation in the snow ». No Christmas holidays in the snow, that’s why Italy can’t allow it. Within 24 hours, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tries to extinguish latest outbreak of anti-closures controversyCovid. And the prime minister is clearly embracing the hardline. The Christmas season requires one Dpcm ad hoc and probably more restrictive measures with regard to working periods. “We cannot afford it vacation arbitrary, we cannot repeat Ferragosto », concludes Conte.

Covid and Natale, Boccia: “Many Italians will no longer be there. No to travel like in the summer. Ski? There are no conditions for the time being “

Covid, Gualtieri: “Tax deferral for all businesses with losses”

Conte: “We will try to reopen schools for Christmas”

“We will try to open schools before Christmas, we are working on that,” said Prime Minister Conte at half past eight at La7.

Stop the vacation

But the line of the government it won’t always be that difficult. The trend of contamination seems to give good news. “If we continue like this, they will be gone by the end of the month red areas», Underlines the Prime Minister. A first Dpcm will therefore take over from the one that ends on December 3. And it will be a more open-minded Dpcm – for example on curfews – without compromising the classification in colors according to the risk for the regions.

However, government tensions are mounting around the break of the holiday in the snow, with Iv again in the role of “aperturisti”. The head of the delegation Pd Dario Franceschini retweet the minister’s “no” Francesco Boccia arrived in the afternoon while the assistant secretary Andrea Orlando he attacks: «Those who proposed the reopening of the ski slopes knew very well that this was inadmissible. A depressing party game keeps nods to the understandable malaise of certain categories. This is not federalism, it is an irresponsible demagoguery ”. “When thousands of jobs are at stake, it is completely unjustified to speak of demagoguery,” is the answer of the Renzians.

Anti-Covid Strategy

The Prime Minister outlines the government’s anti-Covid strategy at eight and a half on La7. A scheme that will have its focal point in the vaccine plan. “There is no orientation to the obligation of the vaccine, but we recommend it,” explains Conte, who seems to be moving away from the position of the “most difficult” wing of the executive on this point. “The vaccine will be available first for vulnerable and exposed categories. I think it will be from the end of January », adds Conte.

The government’s strategy cannot be missed Recovery fund. There are two kinds of problems for Italy: there is a European stalemate, with the double Polish-Hungarian veto; and the national, respecting the timetable of the recovery and resilience plan. “The EU Council in mid-December – underlines the Prime Minister – will be decisive” in the European negotiations. The Recovery plan However, Italian is ready for February. “We are a bit late compared to the original times, but there is a weekly dialogue with the European Commission,” explains the Prime Minister, who is once again starting to establish an ad hoc governance on the plan. “It will be a structure with a leadership profile that will monitor the projects and verify their implementation,” noted the prime minister, who ensured that the plan “will be shared across the country, and we will put it in parliament. to do”. And the draft of the Recovery Plan, as confirmed by M5S owner Roberto Gualtieri in the evening during the hearing in the Chamber, will arrive in the Chamber in the coming weeks. First of all, it must be concluded: a Ciae is expected in this regard at the end of November.

About the recovery, about the budget deficit, about the maneuver, the government is called to an obstacle course in parliament. With the node of the majority numbers and the unknown of the position of FI. “I have to admit that Forza Italia has prepared for a constructive and responsible dialogue. And he also explained that he does not want to broaden the base of the government but wants to stay in the opposition ”, is the outstretched hand that Conte offers Silvio Berlusconi again. But consensus could grow on the deviation. So much so that even the League, perhaps to try to get out of a potential dead end, making a semi-opening: “We will vote on the deviation, but the taxes to reduce citizens and pensions based on inflation to increase, ”explains Massimiliano Romero. and Alberto Bagnai.

Covid Italy, today’s bulletin November 23, 2020: 22,930 new cases and 630 deaths. Positive and intensive therapies are currently falling

According to the latest Health Ministry bulletin, there are 22,930 new infections from Covid in Italy. The number of deaths is 630. 11 months after the onset of the emergency, Italy exceeds the threshold of 50 thousand victims for Covid. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the number of deaths has risen to 50,453, an increase of 630 from yesterday.

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