We travel “green”, with hydrogen trains Sebino and Valle Camonica, the first in Italy

The Fnm group led by the Lombardy region has chosen Sebino and Valle Camonica to introduce the first hydrogen trains in Italy: by 2026, 14 railway trains, powered by the clean energy of this gas, will circulate on the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo line. The first six will begin to circulate between 2022 and 2023 and the program will be completed in the year of the Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina, an event of global significance for which the government and the region have committed large sums, including resources by Fnm to finance the investment.

In total, almost EUR 300 million is planned for the purchase of the new trains that Alstom is producing for Trenord, for the retrofitting of the non-electrified line operated by Ferrovienord and for the construction of hydrogen production facilities. In general, the project is called “H2iseO” and has the ambition to create the first Italian “Hydrogen Valley” to develop a national industrial chain capable of exploiting hydrogen energy.

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