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when they arrive and how to avoid

Electricity and gas bill together 2019: when they arrive and how to avoid

Electricity bills and gas bill itself

Once the light bill and that of the gas they came in alternating phases: one month, one month, no, to lighten the bill. Recently, however, both accounts are coming in the same period, with the immediate consequence that the taxpayer has to pay everything at one time, with rather heavy consequences for personal savings (for at least 6 months per year). Several reports have been received in this regard and the question has also been investigated by Il Salvagente. In fact, a user wrote that he had mentioned the thing to the company, but without giving it his name. And that in reply he had received that it was new provisions.

Electricity and gas bill together: why?

The responsible users of the Konsumer Italia association Valentina Masciari, at the request of the consumer protection website, tried to clarify some aspects of the problem. "When we talk about new subscriptions", we read: "this way of invoicing must be indicated in the contractual terms and made the customer aware; then there are also companies that, in case of signing of the two deliveries, gas and electricity, offer additional discounts for the customer ".

In short, if the "new provisions" are the result of a change with the current contract and in more detail of a unilateral change (ie without having informed the customer in the right way), the customer can choose another supplier and pay more attention to the contract and the invoicing of both invoices.

Electricity and gas bill 2019: how to save money

In the meantime, the Easy.it Energy Observatory estimated that in 2018 Italian families would spend (on average) about 1,200 euros in electricity and gas bills. In principle, an annual salary goes to electricity and gas. The analyzed sample consists of 63 thousand contracts and the costs are divided as follows:

  • electricity: 417 euros;
  • gas: 762 euros.

The advice of the Energy Manager of the comparison site, Silvia Rossi, is to go to the free market. "Changing the scheme can significantly reduce the costs of households with savings of up to 25% for electricity and 15% for gas"It is no coincidence that by 2019 there will be about 17 million consumers who will change suppliers to look for the best savings solution, according to a survey by mUp Research for the site.



last modified: Monday, February 11, 2019

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