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From karaoke, from the testimonials about racism, to the students’ jokes and the countless punishments: the third episode of Il Collegio5, amazed us. The docu-reality broadcast every Tuesday at 9:20 pm is back next week. In the meantime, in our appointment today, we will get to know Giulia Maria Scarano better.

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Our 20 boys keep doing their best… or should we say worse? In the last episode, we clung to the couch: between the pranks of the students, the explanation of the poems, the karaoke of the Petolicchio and what punishment the surprises were numerous. In the next episode of il College 5, we expect to know which ones Bettin e Crivellini at risk of deportation. What others surprises will they wait for us?

In the meantime, let’s get past the wait and focus on a truly unique personality and “Overflowing”, as she suggests Giulia Maria Scarano, 14, from the county Foggia.

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Giulia Maria Scarano, who is it?
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Giulia Maria Scarano, 17enne, is a student of the The College 5 by Rai 2. Coming out Manfredonia, in the province of Foggia, the girl made known how “The comic” of the program. A temper, and last but not least.

“Im baby, but I am not afraid of anyone, on the contrary, if you want I will give you some soon personality”. Here’s what the girl looks like, and note that it’s amazing thanks to her personality is not missing self-centeredness e Centre attention. Differentiate yourself, be recognized and always speak his being Characteristics head.

The mother and father confirm, to say that Giulia really is one volcano eruptive, indomitable. Anyway, we know it’s “the countess“From the house: in fact Giulia doesn’t do anything, she always sits on the couch, which she describes as hers “Habitat of course “.

Giulia Maria Scarano: “the thousand and one … words”

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“The mouth she was made to talk, so I talk as much as I want ”: this is how the girl presents herself in hers interview for the program. Many call it charlatan, but she doesn’t care. Our Giulia likes to talk and always says what she thinks and what passes between her thoughts.

Putting on clothes sbrilluccicanti e flashy seems to be its strongest point and its constant. So our girl has a character competitive and of fire, with vain and somewhat irreverent touches. Everyone’s question is: how will survive at our boarding school? There mother he answers us like this: “In my opinion, the College will not be able to do that Turn of Giulia, she can’t nobody”.

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Giulia Maria Scarano, Instagram and TikTok

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On his profile Instagram (@giulscarano), Giulia immediately introduces herself: “I’ll be giving you some shortly personality, from Puglia with furor “. With Ben 220mila followers, his profile has been the most followed among our guys so far.

Thanks to him very precise notice board, we can enter her thanks to the stories proof. Let’s be character gives principessina, the big and broad life that I knowciale, and be do you travel: in New York in Paris, where we mainly see memories Disneyland. Your photo is beautiful, undoubtedly representatives of such a character “spicy” As are.

The girl also has a profile TikTok (@giulscarano), which is slightly less popular, but seems to be up to date with the latest trend: we’re counting right 43mila followers accompanied by 197mila likes. His sympathy and his irony are undoubtedly the protagonists of this platform!

In Regina Margherita’s boarding school Anagni, Giulia Maria really stands out. It is however irreverence e brilliance will they allow her to reach the end of the path? We will see. In meanwhile, do not miss the following characters The College 5, protagonists to our column in the coming days.

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