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who wins the GF Vip, a mystery in the house

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Alfonso Signorini reveals itself: this is who Big Brother Vip will win, what he thinks of couples

A Morning 5 Finally Alfonso Signorini reveals itself, tells some details about the Big Brother Vip. On Monday 10 December the final of the reality will be broadcast, with the winner of this edition being chosen. The well-known journalist has chosen to reveal everything he thinks about the competitors and the dynamics of the program live. Who, according to Alfonso, will win the third edition of the VIP version? Signorini is convinced that they will arrive to the end Walter Nudo and Andrea Mainardi. However, the columnist has a name in the heart. Federica Panicucci he prefers not to ask, but it is Alfonso himself who reveals to those who support him. The journalist confesses that he likes to triumph over Mainardi. Concerning the couples that were formed in the house, Alfonso admits that he is not convinced of anyone. According to Signorini there is no love or passion among these competitors, as there was between Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser. The journalist also announces that this couple could soon be married.

Alfonso Signorini: the rite of Fariba, Jane and Elia, a great mystery in the house

He can not help but explain the rite done by Fariba Tehrani a Signorini House. Alfonso confesses that the woman has acted like this only for the welfare of her daughter, despite what he sees as a pretty intrusive mother. Signorini also wants to reveal a detail: Cecilia & # 39; s hair that was used in the ritual was actually that of Teo, his cat. There is no shortage of his considerations about the history that has been born between them Jane Alexander and Elia Fongaro. The journalist admits that they have not convinced much in the house, but it seems that they now want to go home together. There is a mystery, however, in the program. It's about Stefano Sala and the girlfriend Dasha. Among them, a telephone call took place in the course of these experiences, but nothing was ever known. So Alfonso confesses that reality has chosen to leave this mystery and does not intend to reveal to the public how much the couple said during the call.

Alfonso Signorini tells about the fight between Ilary Blasi and Fabrizio Corona: "No script"

A mystery that intrigues Panicuccibut also the same Signorini. We do not know exactly what they said during the telephone conversation, but they will certainly have talked about private and intimate things. The presenter also broadcasts the video about the battle between Ilary Blasi and Fabrizio Corona. In this case Alfonso he would like to specify: "It was something that Ilary had inside and could not wait to get her out after years, there was no script, she is not the kind of person who follows a script for a private case, I did not intervene because I did not concentrate anything" .

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