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Wind Tre. The Ericsson duo

Wind Tre continues to expand its network. On the hard disk thanks to the partner OpenFiber but also on the mobile. The Wind Tre unique network card is updated with increasing frequency. Sign that the Ericsson – ZTE shotgun works well in the management of modernization works. The news on Wind Tre – which also includes indirect Iliad – and the new offers for fixed telephony. But before we go into the news, we'll tell you today we will once again signal you our Telegram channel, everything to follow.

Wind Tre over the network
Wind Tre. Just in full sail. The double bid for ZTE and Ericsson speeds up the work. Iliad customers also benefit from this. Now Wind Tre wants to look like Tim and Vodafone. The 5G challenge is now at the start. Here are all news from Wind Tre spa.

Works for the construction of the only network of Wind Tre they continue undiminished and ultimately without much difficulty. In fact, the Italian cities where it is already possible to navigate with the fiber or even the mixed fiber / copper, the one with the yellow dot to be clear, with good speed.

Much more needs to be done to try to fill that few connectivity that still exists in many parts of Italy where the fiber is still not present and less than ever the unique Wind Tre network with all small and large problems that this entails for users.

Moreover, we should never forget that Ilias it is affected by these problems, and relies on towers owned by Wind Tre. Problems that will certainly be largely resolved in the further expansion of the single network.

See the offer from Iliad

The unique Wind Tre network now in 30 provinces

To date, 30 Italian provinces have been reached by the single mobile network that we list below:

Alessandria, Asti, Biella, Novara, Vercelli, Milan, Monza and Brianza, Trieste, Modena, Bologna, Rimini, Ascoli Piceno, Prato, Teramo, Terni, Bari, Crotone, Cosenza, Vibo Valentia, Agrigento, Medio Campidano and Carbonia Iglesias, Verbano Cusio Ossola, Venice, La Spezia, Caserta, Catanzaro, And after, Caltanissetta and Ragusa.

In these areas, the works have been completed and mobile users can now travel more or less quietly with the 4G but also with the 4.5G (that could be called Super Network 4.5G), but it is clear that almost always in these cases there are still areas that are hardly covered by this technology, where 3G and 2G will continue to exist.

The unique network of Wind Tre is a fundamental step to finally provide customers of both brands with coverage that is both strong and powerful and stable. And finally repair the coverage pitch with the two big players Tim and Vodafone.

The single network is also a compulsory and obligatory passage and then ready for the passage of the 5G, which naturally also aims for Wind Tre and the cities in which the works are in progress already differ.

In the meantime Wind Tre also receives news about the offers for fixed telephony, in fiber. The costs of the offered modems for bundling have increased dramatically, changing to € 5.99 per month, always paid in installments for 48 installments. A final figure that is not very cheap and one wonders if it is not more convenient to use another modem the free modem option.

The current offer Fibra Family offers a fixed line connection up to 1000Mega with pay-as-you-go calls and a Wind data sim with 100Giga per month to share and a Wind-sim with an offer Wind family including unlimited minutes for everyone and 20 Giga in 4G.

The combined offer thus costs € 29.99 per month, if you are already a customer with a sim Wind instead the costs of the offer rise to € 34.99 per month.

The fiber supply FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is currently available in the following cities: Alessandria, Ancona, Beinasco, Bari, Bollate, Bologna, Brescia, Bresso, Brindisi, Buccinasco, Busto Arsizio, Cagliari, Castenaso, Castel Maggiore, Catania, Cinisello Balsamo, Collegno, Cornaredo, Corsico, Ferrara, Florence, Forlì, Genoa, Grosseto , Grugliasco, Latina, Matera, Milan, Moncalieri, Monza, Naples, Nichelino, Novara, Opera, Orbassano, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Pavia, Perugia, Pescara, Piacenza, Pioltello, Pisa, Prato, Rho, Rivoli, Rozzano, Salerno , Sassari, Segrate, San Donato Milanese, San Giuliano Milanese, Sesto San Giovanni, Settimo Milanese, Settimo Torinese, Syracuse, Sondrio, Turin, Treviso, Trezzano sul Naviglio, Udine, Varese, Vercelli, Venaria Reale, Venice, Verona, Vimodrone.

In this case, before you continue with the subscription to a possible subscription, the control of your home must always be carried out. Based on that verification, the best possible technology in that area is activated.

The other browser speeds based on current technology are the following:

Navigation speed based on coverage and technology:

  • FIBRA 1000 (in FTTH): up to 1000 Mb / s in download and 100 Mb / s in upload by Open Fiber

More offers for internet at home:

  • Internet 200 (in FTTC): up to 200 Mb / s in download and 20 Mb / s in upload
  • Internet 100 (in FTTC): up to 100 Mb / s in download and 20 Mb / s in upload in FTTC
  • Internet 20 (in ADSL): up to 20 Mb / s download and 1 Mb / s in upload in ADSL
  • Internet 7 (in ADSL): up to 7 Mb / s in download and 256 Kb / s in upload in ADSL

In anticipation of further updates on the single Wind Tre network in this article, we have already had the opportunity to make our considerations on the current performance of the network with a full test on the network path.

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