9-year-old baby crashes with the minimoto on the wall and dies CHRONICLES

A terrible tragedy: a baby 9 years old, Giuseppe E., crashed with one minimoto against a wall in the countryside, in the district of Pezze Mammarelle in Martina, and that is it death. The incident, in the late afternoon, took place according to a yet to be explored dynamic: on the spot the officers of the Martina police station intervened for the first investigations.

A dead child stitched by a grape, Nicolò Meggiolaro was on holiday in Puglia

Needless to say the help of an ambulance of 118 who immediately carried the baby in the hospital of Francavilla Fontana, where it was impossible to save the child.
With him there was also the little brother who was injured in the accident and was transported to the hospital in Brindisi, where he is now hospitalized.

Sunday, August 26, 2018 – Last update: 22:23


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