Abuse child eight years of play in the chapel: arrested a 67-year-old

He abused an eight-year-old girl while he was inside rhetoric. He ends up in a handcuff is a 67-year-old pensioner, now under house arrest in San Maria Capua Vetere on charges of heavy violence against the child. As reported The Messenger, the epidemic took place on August 15 in the chapel of the parish of Santa Maria Assunta.

The man approached the child while playing table football. The sexual violence was taken by a number of security cameras that were in the building. The alleged pedophile would have forced the child to feel intimate parts while playing with a friend.

To report the incident, the mother of the child was helped by the testimony of some people. The abuse against the child would only occur once. The judge for preliminary investigation, who agreed with the request of the public prosecutor, ordered the measure of house arrest for the suspect.

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