According to the autopsy, Manuela Bailo suffocated

Manuela Bailo died of suffocation. This is emphasized by the autopsy, which has discovered a fracture that consists of the skull, but which would not determine death. It is not clear if suffocation was the result of internal bleeding or possible strangulation.

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"I did not want to kill her, I pushed her and went down the stairs", Fabrizio Pasini had stated during the interrogation of the detention from the Brescia prison. Pasini, 48-year-old Unionist Owl, rebuilt the night of Saturday, July 28, when the crime took place about five o'clock in the morning.

"We have fought for a tattoo," the man confirmed, explaining that the girl would be angry when she discovered that he had made a tattoo they should have done together. In the meantime, this morning in Ospitaletto, in Brescia, in the home of the murderer's parents, where the murder took place, an inspection of the Carabinieri scientists was carried out to reconstruct the dynamics of what was happening.

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