Attacked in the headquarters of the League, the Prosecution: "It is terrorism"

The headquarters of the Lega di Villorba (Treviso) was the target of two rudimentary bombs.

The first bomb exploded on August 12, while the glacier of yesterday was lit by the blasters. . Fortunately, nobody was injured and nobody was involved in the explosion. Only a few damage to the entrance door has been registered. Now, however, there are details about what can be called an attack in every respect.

"The terrorism and the deeds have arrived without hesitation at the office of the district attorney in Venice", said the prosecutor of the Republic of Treviso, Michele Dalla Costa. The attack with two explosive objects was even claimed by an anarchist cell of the "Haris Hatzimihelakis / Internazionale".

In the meantime, the researchers reconstruct the facts. A first bomb, presumably a harmless "paper bomb", was placed on a landing of a metal fire escape at the back of the building called "K3", the headquarters of the League, and would have exploded in the early hours of Saturday morning. The aim was to attract law enforcement officials who would audit the offices of credit institutions and stores, but not the Carroccio office.

After the first explosion we arrive at the "failed" Ferragosto. And just that day a message of claim is signed by a so-called anarchist cell "Santiago Maldonado", dated 12 August, but only spread three days later via the web. During a second check, there was then the discovery of another object with a greater deflagration potential and equipped with a trigger system activated by the passage of people through the obtained tension of a nylon thread. This "bomb" (perhaps a pressure cooker that contained metal fragments in addition to the exploding material) was neutralized by the police blasters.

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