Avellino, a priest, sent hot messages to married parishioners. Curia removes it

He sent hot and explicit messages from his mobile phone advances sexually a people married who visited his parish. With this accusation a young priest was removed from the bishop of AvellinoMonsignor Arturo Aiello, officially "for health reasons", after internal investigations of the Curia that lasted several months. The suspension procedure was also started to divinis of the young priest whom five years ago the care for a parish in the suburbs was dedicated.

From surveys for his account, entrusted by the Curia Mobile team Avellino also showed that the pastor had posted in the city for every church in recent months brochure anonymous where he denounced name and last name parish priests and priests of the diocese, accuse them of living in the sin, to have relationships with married women and to benefit from pastoral activities. The priest was discovered thanks to the images of the camera & # 39; s placed close to the churches.

The decision of the bishop Aiello has arrived at the end of one tough comparison held at the head office of Curia. The diocese's investigation made it possible to establish that the posters and the writing of the "leaves of shame" priest deleted for which, according to the investigations, was acted upon revenge after having learned that he would be deposed.

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