Bad weather and thunderstorms in Tuscany: lightning causes fires: a sign on Fi-Pi-Li – Tuscany collapses

FLORENCE. Bad weather on the main part of central Tuscany and on the coast in the afternoon of Wednesday 22 August. A violent storm crosses the Pisan area and the Valdera quickly with strong and sudden gusts of wind, a bit of rain and especially a lot of lightning, causing small fires to spread and even discomforts on the road.
A traffic sign literally collapsed on the Sgc Florence-Pisa-Livorno
by touching the cars in transit at the junction point for Livorno and Florence in the northern carriageway.

August thunderstorm in Livorno A storm hit Livorno in the early afternoon of Wednesday, August 22nd. Here are the images THE ARTICLE
The tree fallen in Livorno in the lane ...
The tree fell in Livorno in Viale Carducci

As far as central Tuscany is concerned, the Civil Protection Hall of the Metropolitan City of Florence reported a yellow code for hydrogeological and hydraulic risk and for severe storms in the areas Valdarno, Florence, Lower Valdarno, Valdelsa-Valdera, Ombrone Pistoiese and Bisenzio.

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