Bad weather, branched by the weather alarm

The effects of the Atlantic disturbance that from the coming hours and throughout the weekend a large part of nNrd Italy will influence thunderstorms also of strong intensity, particularly in the central-eastern sectors, and then extended to the central regions of the Adriatic. In the south there is still a depressed area.

Based on the available predictions, the department of Civil Protection in accordance with the regions concerned, he warned of unfavorable meteorological conditions: weather phenomena, which affect the different areas of the country, could lead to hydrogeological and hydraulic problems.

Lightning on the beach, fear among the swimmers: 5 wounded

The announcement provides from the late afternoon of today precipitation from diffused to diffuse, predominantly inverted or temporary, even of strong intensity, on Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna, with high and punctual even very high contributions, especially in the northeastern sectors.

Moreover, precipitation is expected to prevail, with a predominantly reversed or temporary nature, even of strong intensity, on the Calabria. The phenomenon will be accompanied by powerful showers, frequent electrical activity, hailstorms and strong gusts of wind.

The weather forecast for the coming hours

Based on the present phenomena, it has been evaluated for today orange warning in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Calabria, while tomorrow is planned orange warning also in Lombardy. In addition, a yellow warning was evaluated for the majority of the country tomorrow.

The weather forecast for the afternoon of today and the morning of tomorrow

Watchful weather, in Genoa the operations on the Morandi bridge were suspended

Continue operations of removal from the river bed until 20 tonight, when it is then evacuated for safety reasons. "There is no assessment of the red zone which is already sufficiently large in the absence of people for a collapse or collapse. "This was stated by the President of the Liguria region and the commissioner delegated to the Morandi bridge emergency relief Giovanni Toti today in the press conference where the specific protection measures for the area of ​​the collapse of the viaduct, in the river bed of the Polcevera stream, were planned for the next few hours, when the yellow warning for strong thunderstorms on Liguria begins.

At present, the regional and municipal civil protection does not provide for an extension of the red zone, which is prohibited under the collapsed viaduct.

"With a very special situation there – also the Regional Council for Civil Protection Giacomo Giampedrone – we believe that this is initially sufficient measures, everything that will be taken later will be the result of what will happen".

"It is clear that the assessment is fairly important compared to what could be dragged into the creek in the direction of the sea in Val Polcevera, but we do not think that we should now be extra cautious for the area compared to this one".

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