Bad weather, lightning among swimmers in Salento: 4 injured, 13-year-old seriously – Chronicle

a lightning he fell among the swimmers on a beach between Porto Cesareo and Torre Lapillo in Salento, causing four injuries: among them a 13-year-old boy, who played near the waterfront, would be the most serious and was hospitalized in red Vito Fazi, where he is subjected to the Tac exam. Two other people are included in a yellow code. This is confirmed by the 118.

Violent storms that are also related to hail and gusts of wind: it is the meteorological scenario for northern Italy that will be affected by intense disturbance of the North Atlantic all weekend. This is indicated by the meteorological prediction of the Epson Meteometre Center, according to which these atmospheric phenomena later also affect Centrosud.

For bad weather orange warning today August 24th Friuli Venezia Giulia and Calabria while there is an orange warning for Saturday, August 25 Lombardy. For the day on Saturday, it was also evaluated yellow warning on most of the country. This was announced by the Ministry of Civil Protection, which, in agreement with the regions concerned, warned against unfavorable meteorological conditions that complement and extend the previous ones. Weather phenomena can determine hydrogeological and hydraulic problems and warnings. The announcement now contains precipitation from the late afternoon, ranging from widespread to widespread, mostly reversed or temporary, even of strong intensity, at Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna, with high and even very high contributions, especially in the northeastern part of the country. sectors. In addition, precipitation continues to predominate, with a predominantly reversed or temporary character, even of strong intensity, in Calabria.

in Tuscany for Saturday, August 25, yellow code for almost the entire region because of the risk of strong thunderstorms. The only excluded areas are those along the southern coast, from the Gulf of Follonica to the border with Lazio. in Liguria is yellow warning at the Center and the Levant from 20 today to 23.59 tomorrow for rain and strong wind. The bulletin is published by Arpal. An Atlantic disturbance will affect the region tomorrow with conditions of high instability that should be characterized by two more intense phases. Associated with the passage of the storm front, expected in the night between Saturday and Sunday, wind gusts with wind gusts on the exposed ridges to 100 km / h and an increase of the sea to very rough will be possible.

There are already many inconveniences related to bad weather. The rain has changed several areas Palermo which have been completely flooded: roads such as rivers, cars & motorbikes and motorcycles submerged by water. Firefighters worked with water scooters all night (PHOTO & # 39; S). A violent storm in Puglia Grottaglie hit on Thursday evening. There were numerous calls to 113 to report the presence of several cars under water, with passengers on board. The crew of a steering wheel has saved a child 4 years locked up with the family in the car: the car was submerged by water up to the windows. Safe parents too. VIDEO

WEATHER FORECAST – "In addition to generating a rapid phase of widespread bad weather, especially intense in the north between Saturday night and Sunday morning, this stormfront – they underline – will put an end to the intense heat and heat that has caused the Centronord in recent days, thanks to the mass d the cooler air that goes with it Temperatures will fall mainly from Sunday and from the central-northern regions: in the north the decline will be marked, to 10-15 degrees less in the Northeast sector only 48 hours, while in the south the decline will be more limited, but promoted by a strengthening of the northern winds between Sunday and the beginning of next week ". According to meteorologists from Epson Weather, "the risk of thunderstorms will increase in the north tonight, while in the south there will be a residual instability.

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