Bimba dies on the Alitalia flight to Rome. The emergency landing in Bari is useless

Tragedy on board a flight Alitalia left Beirut and waited in Rome. A two-year-old girl, seized by a heart attack during the flight, died. The plane was hijacked for assistance and landed at Bari airport this morning, according to the agents of Polar, a hostess gave her first aid to revitalize him and the landing was decided in Bari, where the little one, the one with the parents traveled, was taken care of by the 118 doctors who continued to revive her, but there was nothing to do.

The girl was suffering from hyperoxaluria, a severe kidney disorder, we learn from medical-legal sources that have intervened on the spot. The girl was assisted by air – explain the airline's sources – by a Red Cross nurse who accompanied her, had an oxygen mask and was sent to the capital to receive medical treatment.

Her parents were there. During the flight she would have had a heart attack and she was rescued by the nurse, so the emergency landing was immediately decided at the nearest airport, in Bari. Given the pathology that the baby was suffering from, the legal doctors communicated to the Prosecution who does not consider the autopsy necessary.

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