Bimbo from the fourth floor, it is not serious – Tuscany

In Livorno rescue workers from bonnets have caught the fall

A child of one and a half year after leaving the coffin climbed on the windowsill of a house window and fell from the fourth floor: according to reports of 118 apparently no serious injuries were reported. The child, always according to aid workers, would end up on the bonnet of a car that was parked under the building and probably had stopped the crash. The incident happened just before 7 pm in a building in the north of Livorno. To ease the fall of the child, threads would also be used to spread the clothing to the floors below the fourth, from which he fell. One of the first to come to the streets, the mother who immediately realized what was happening. An SVS ambulance arrived on the spot with the physician on board: the child was transferred to the hospital's shockroom in Livorno where the doctors carry out all examinations to exclude internal injury.

The child who had fallen from a window on the fourth floor of a building in Livorno was transferred to the children's hospital Meyer in Florence. According to what the doctors in the emergency room in Livorno have learned, they have decided to switch to further checks, but the circumstances of the child would not be serious and would be out of danger.


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