Break of the 21-year-old in Parma. "I am a regular customer", so the famous trader has tempted the victim on social media

"One like me prison? ", Was the exclamation versus reporters and cameras from Federico Pesci, known trader of Parmaarrested on charges of Sexual violence and pluriaggravate lesions for having beaten, raped and tortured a girl for at least 5 hours 21 years the night of July 18th. The clothing entrepreneur – the 46-year-old Parmesan man – provoked the woman Facebook and then abuse it, along with his drug dealer, in his house. "I'm a To adjust"," I am one of them "," they know me in the area ", so he wrote her on the social network to persuade her to go out with him for an aperitif and then take her to his attic where the police a bag with different torture tools. Leather laces, belts and even a bite to plug in the mouth, other knocking other items for the slavery.

To carry out the macabre plan – according to police reconstruction and Parma's prosecutors who conducted the investigations – was present Wilson Ndu Aniyeme, 53 years old, dealer, since 2011 irregular in Italy. He also one formiliar face for those in the city uses cocaineand for the residents of the area. the drug dealer Nigerian even lived in the vicinity of Pisces. Once at home, Pesci contacted Aniyeme by telephone and asked him to take something with him cocaine. Together they are drugged and for at least 5 hours – is the story of the researchers – they have abused the girl, filled her and seviziandola. Tied up and gagged, because the girl "suffered all night brutal violence", The researchers reported, not only that, while the violence was being practiced, the trader kept in touch with drug dealers to supply them with drugs." When the 21-year-old was released at 7 am, the same 46-year-old, he called a taxi To take her home with her, only once at home, the parents of the girl, seeing their wounds, excruciating pain and the inability to eat, convinced her to go to the hospital, and the same emergency department in Parma said that he had never been to a woman with gods lesions of that kind.

The social profiles of the entrepreneur who has a note clothing chain along the Via Emilia, this morning they were full insults and threatsso much so that they were closed. The same stories full of worldly images, women, a beautiful life that did not hide Pisces. As reported by the local press, the man is a well-known trader, active in the fashion world and also known in the buildings of the nightlife city. "Sbam, like the door to the prison where you are imprisoned" wrote on his Facebook profile, recalling the brand he had launched.

"You a crazy story", Are the few words the 46-year-old said when the prisons of the penitentiary police put him in a car in prison, followed by that of one of the lawyers helping Pisces, Mario The Salad: "Before we judge, we have to see how things have gone". This can not be excluded for the mobile team other people are subject to the the same treatment".

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