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Pistoia. Everyone has to go. Regular and irregular. "Urgent" writes the prefecture. In fact, everything is missing there. Escape routes, fire extinguishers, electrical systems, fire hydrants, safety stairs … Not to mention the red alarm situation in the kitchen, with gas pipes running next to the chimney. In terms of fire and safety regulations, the parish of Vicofaro is a real powder keg. At least according to the orders of the Pistoia firefighters, who last Thursday together with the ASL technicians carried out an inspection of the buildings of the presbytery and of the old church where Massimo Biancalani it currently receives nearly a hundred migrants.

Pistoia, Don Biancalani against Salvini: "Since we attack here, we no longer live" "We are worried, our fear is increasing, now we are starting to shoot and politics tends to diminish, but these things have to be taken seriously". Don Massimo Biancalani, notes that the disillusionment is intimidating that a guest of his reception center would receive on the late evening of Thursday 2 August. For Don Biancalani, for two years in constant controversy on social media with the Minister of Internal Affairs Matteo Salvini, "it is a matter of moral obligations or not", but the fact is that "because he has the initiative to help the children by the pool to delay, we do not live here anymore, every week there is a new one ". "I do not think we can say that we are Christians and believers – he added – if we leave migrants in Libya in the hands of torturers or even in the middle of the sea and then show rosaries and gospels". by Andrea Lattanzi

But it is not just eighty, driven out of the shelter program, to endanger: on the top floor is the extraordinary shelter (Cas), the official reception center, which is housed by the prefecture and houses 12 asylum seekers . All on the same boat. And in the evening welcomed the 12 migrants who were welcomed by the Virgil-Future City Association (which also includes the parish of Vicofaro) to leave. For the time being, at least until the necessary compliance with the regulations has been completed.

Migrants guests from the center of ...
Migrants hosted by the Vicofaro reception center (Photo Gori)

From what has been learned seven of them are destined for Ramini, one in Marliana, while we continue to look for a solution for the other four. Initially, Don Biancalani had offered to receive them in his home. The fate of the other migrants in the parish has yet to be decided.

On Monday evening, Don Massimo himself announced the situation at the meeting convened in the afternoon by Vicofaro's anti-fascist and anti-racist assembly to support the activity of welcoming Fr Biancalani on the same day as the anniversary of the provocation of the neo-fascists of Forza Nuova, who presented themselves during the Sunday Mass in Vicofaro to "verify" the degree of orthodoxy of the parish priest, friend of migrants. About a hundred people attended the meeting.

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