Burns deposition of cleaning agents, column of smoke covers Naples

Rome, naked bathroom
in the altar of the fatherland

Again the center of Rome was stormed by vandals. With the summer the cases of intemperance against the monuments of the capital have been multiplied and even this time, completely …

Naples capital of Islam, party
of the sacrifice at Piazza Garibaldi

Hundreds of representatives of the Islamic religion came together this morning in Piazza Garibaldi in Naples. Reason for the meeting is the Eid Al Adha, better known …

The A series starts again in Naples
is a pirate tree decoder with Dazn

The offer is apparently tempting. More: looks like a deal. Yes, because in the aftermath of the revolution that has already distorted the complex …

Napoli choc, nurse dragged
for the hair in the first aid

Another new aggression between the walls of the Neapolitan hospital, where a nurse was threatened, insulted and physically attacked while serving the Old Pellegrini. The …

The last Salvini crusade:
«Cut petrol»

Deputy Prime Minister Salvini said the reduction in excise duties was "in the League and Center Law program, now there is no one-color government, but a government that I …

From Torre del Greco to Qualiano,
three Neapolitan dead on the Pollino

As happened before the disaster of the fall of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa – it takes the lives of four boys from Torre del Greco, a girl from Somma Vesuviana and a man from Casalnuovo – also …

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