Bussetti: «School, new matches since September». Priority to the north

School, you are changing: not yet. After the long phase of mass stabilization with the government of Renzi and not yet complete (see the story of the masters without the government yellow-green has decided to come back in the chair after they have been rejected by the Council of State), they come to the regular matches: but – explains the Miur – from now on they will first be banned "where there is the most need", ie in the northern region where there are more students and more professed discoveries. «Of course there are competitions in the school: they will be used for the new recruitment for both teaching and non-teaching staff. We intend to activate them already in September, "said Minister of Education Marco Bussetti in the margins of the Cl meeting." We need to revise a whole system that has so many points of view to clarify now. It requires peace, order, attention and great reflection. We do it all, "he added.

The core of the calls

Peace, order, attention and great reflection? To hold a place contest? Yes, because what these somewhat general statements by Minister Bussetti do not say is that the Miur has realized since the reopening of schools that he has a huge cat to skin. What? That of the massive calls that will be imposed on him by those who are excluded from the extraordinary leagues in the last line: the super facilitated and obstacle-free (oral exam plus a year of training) for teachers in possession of the qualification (regardless of how obtained in passing the super-selective test of the so-called active training courses or buying the habilitation in Romania as told by a teacher supporting Corriere.it) that was banned by the Fedeli in implementation of the transitional rules set by the Good School were provided. And that for the primary school and the early school of the yellow-green government with the decree Dignità, which was tailor-made for the graduates, about 50,000 teachers without a diploma who were "rejected" by the board in December. State and removed from the ranking to exhaustion, which is sufficient to show that he has served two years during the last eight years and has taken a pro forma oral exam to take part in the rankings, with due respect to the Italian law almost twenty years, the title of the diploma requires to be able to teach pre-primary and primary school.

«First of all where there is most need»

That is why you start with the ordinary with these extraordinary competitions. Priority on teachers and teachers because the most angry are the graduates in primary education sciences who seem to surpass the old master's degree, but then those for secondary education, where thousands of graduates who in the meantime stop at the starting line they spent time and money (about 500 euros) to achieve the 24 credits more than just the master's degree required by the Good School law. But the real news is that the new regular matches will no longer be banned all over Italy, but – they explain from the ministry – "starting from where there is the most need". In other words, from the regions of the North where there is more shortage of places – especially for some competition classes such as the now legendary mathematics for high school – and where, especially thanks to pupils of immigrant children, there are more members. Teachers and teachers from the South are advised: if they do not want to wait for the Greek calends from now on, they must apply directly in the regions where the competition for their class will be announced sooner. First of course we have to wait to take stock of the assumptions of September. Only then will it be possible to set a table to arrive at a reasoned program based on the needs and number of students in each region. Among the upcoming leagues, including those for the so-called Dsga, are the heads of school secretariats.

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