Calabria, deluge in flood in the Pollino Park: 8 dead and 5 wounded, 11 in safety

They were rafting in the creek Raganello to Civita di Castrovillari (Cosenza), when a wave of torrent flood overwhelmed them. Sources of Palazzo Chigi report of 8 victims, including a girl who has not yet been identified. Regional civil protection, led by Carlo TansiHe also speaks of five wounded and eleven are recovered unharmed. Also saved a child, recovered from the helicopter firefighters and transferred to the hospital Cosenza in front of hypothermia. However, it has been feared that other people have been overwhelmed by bad weather. The parquet Castrovillari has opened an investigation. The group consisted of sixteen walkers who, despite the unfavorable weather conditions, participated in a visit within the area marked by gorges and canyon. Some managed to achieve something rocks waiting to be saved.

But it is certainly not the number of people in the Raganello gorges, a protected natural area that is created daily by dozens and dozens of tourists who go on excursions or rafting on the creek. They operate on the spot firefighters, Alpine Rescue, Carabinieri and Regional Civil Protection but no one is unbalanced on the number of missing persons.

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