Calabria, heavy rain shower and overwhelming group of boys: 4 deaths

There would be four dead people and there would be missing in the gorges of the Raganello in Civita, where the mountain stream swollen by the rain of the last hours surprised a group of hikers. 3 other hikers have already been found. what has been reported to the courier, Eugenio Facciolla, procurator of Castrovillari. The group consisted of twelve young people (six girls and an equal number of boys) who participated in a visit to the area characterized by gorges and ravines. Some managed to reach some rocks.

Firefighters work in the area. The rain that fell on the area caused the swollen bed to grow. On the spot, the operators of the river speleo rescue of the Cosenza firefighters and the Carabinieri intervened. The Raganello gorges are part of a nature reserve that extends over an area of ​​more than 1600 hectares: a 13 km long gorge with rocky walls that reach 600 meters in some places.

20 August 2018 (change 20 August 2018 | 18:15)


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