Calabria, overwhelmed in the gorges by the flood of the Raganello stream: 10 hikers died

Pollino Park

Twelve wounded, of these five were transported to the hospital. 23 saved in all people. Something would still be missing. The research will continue throughout the night


The death toll is increasing as a result of the flooding of the Raganello stream, in Civita di Castrovillari, in the Pollino park, in the province of Cosenza. The number of deaths has risen to ten: two other bodies have been repaired by aid workers, in addition to the four men and four women who were found dead before. This was reported by the head of regional civil defense Carlo Tansi. Twelve wounded, of these five were transported to the hospital. Something would still be missing.

Among the 23 people saved by aid workers, there is a child who was transferred to a hospital in Cosenza in a state of hypothermia. According to the prefecture, the people involved in the tidal wave of the Raganello stream were part of two groups of 18 walkers, for a total of 36. The bodies of the 8 victims were all recovered.

The torrent swollen by the rain of the last hours surprised the groups of walkers in the gorge, a crack in the rock a few meters wide between the cliffs. The tragedy took place on the territory of the National Park of Pollino upstream of the so-called "Ponte del Diavolo".

The speleological group of the Calabrian Alpine Rescue organizes the flow of the Raganello torrent in search of missing survivors. In Raganello ravines there are indeed several ravines and tracks on which some hikers in the area may have been rescued. Meanwhile, the water of the brook flows slowly downwards after the full afternoon.

The public prosecutor: we are afraid of other victims
"We are afraid that the number of victims of the Raganello throat tragedy will increase, but these are assessments that we make based on what has happened". This was stated by Castrovillari & # 39; s lawyer, Eugenio Facciolla. "We work – he added – in an emergency situation and we can not give figures or hypotheses, but we believe there are more people in the area, as often happens during this period, because the area is badly defeated".

The number for information: 0984 8980651
The prefecture of Cosenza has distributed a telephone number to provide information to the families of the people involved in the tidal wave that overwhelmed the hikers of the Raganello stream. The number to contact is it 0984 8980651.

Civil protection: carelessness, there were warning rains
The Director of Civil Protection Calabria, Carlo Tansi, has confirmed that the investigation will continue throughout the night. The main group of hikers had an official guide, but, he added, "they were really careless, given that since yesterday the whole region was warned of heavy rainfall".

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