Car ignites, dead elderly – Emilia Romagna

Serious husband of 83 who manages to get out and remains burned

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 23 AGO – An 86-year-old woman, Maria
Mordini, died in the evening when the car on which he was is
caught fire, perhaps as a result of an electrical fault, near the house on the
hills of Riolo Terme (Ravenna), hamlet Borgo Rivola.

Her husband, 83, was also brought in the car
in the Bufalini hospital in Cesena in serious condition for the
burns reported.

According to what was rebuilt at about 21 the two elderly husbands
they were in the car when the flames started. the fire
it has grown rapidly and people have succeeded in one way or another
go out while his wife stayed inside. Useless it
the attempt of her husband to save her and then 118, by ambulance
and medical car. The firefighters intervened to extinguish the flames
from the fire of Faenza and, for the reliefs, the carabinieri.


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