Car just goes out of the way, collapses the ditch: a girl dies

  Car only goes off the road, the ditch collapses: a young girl dies

TORRE DI MOSTO – Traffic accident ends in tragedy in Torre di Mosto: a car, a Fiat Punto, led by a twenty-two, just before the 19 of today 18 August, via Staffolo, left the road alone, without any involvement of other vehicles, and after overthrown it ended in a ditch. A girl, a minor, who traveled aboard, died of the very serious injuries reported . the driver was injured instead. It took the firefighters, who arrived from San Donà, to remove the passenger and driver of the Fiat Punto, but despite the attempts to resuscitate the health of 118, the doctor had to declare the death of the child. Transfered to the hospital with a code of average severity of the driver. The causes of the accident and the findings of the accident are investigated by the police. Rescue operations are still under way


Saturday, August 18, 2018, 20:42


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