Caria: With the new law no danger for the breeding of pigs – Region

CAGLIARI. With the new pig breeding law of 2 August 2018, the breeding and traditional consumption of the typical Sardinian pig is not endangered. This was stated by the regional councilor for agriculture Pierluigi Caria. "Of the 15788 farms that are registered all over Sardinia, roughly 314 are classified as family farms for their own consumption, where the standard stipulates that you can keep 4 non-breeding articles, but there is no impediment to this 314 to register with the pig register, even with a few items that are present in the farm, to be able to keep breeding animals and to work for their own consumption and sale ".

"The vast majority of all operators who nowadays produce pigs on the island" – according to the memorandum published by the press service of the Sardinia region – will continue to produce and sell pigs in all categories without problems ".

The Commissioner wants to reassure everyone. "The tame on social networks fed in these days – says Caria _, is a storm in a glass of water that, conveyed to the network, has reached anxious levels of disinformation.In the guidelines for the implementation of the provision, which the ministry has begun to work out, the procedures and procedures to be followed will be better clarified ".

The exponent of the Council then reminded that the law on pig breeding was almost unanimously approved by the majority and the opposition of the Regional Council. "It's a law – Caria says the result of a constant and precise work carried out by the Fifth Commission and the many board members involved who have listened to hundreds of hours of work to all stakeholders in the sector: from farmers to processors passing the various branch organisations ".

"The millennial tradition of our pig production is not threatened by this law – Caria concluded – but for decades of African swine fever, which for too many

time, our island has been condemned to outrageous embargoes that have hurt the extraordinary activity of our breeders. We overcome this phase of misunderstanding and let us all work to revive a sector with a lot and too much potential for development that is still not being put into words ".

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