Castellucci (Autostrade): a distance observed, my apologies. New bridge in 8 months

The collapse of Genoa

"The first action is for the families of the victims We have allocated a fund for the immediate needs that we will refine with the municipality and that will be managed by the city", says Autostrade CEO. Di Maio: the state does not accept alms. Salvini: better late than never

Giovanni Castellucci


"We have worked together to try to make us available, but I realize that a distance has been observed close to the city and I apologize for that, we have been working on finding solutions that I think we can and should give the city of Genoa a lot ". This was stated by Giovanni Castellucci, CEO of Autostrade per l & # 39; Italia, at a press conference in Genoa, the first after the tragedy

Funds for family casualties
"The first action is for the families of the victims. fund for the immediate needs that we will refine with the municipality and that will be managed by the municipality ". the ad added to illustrate the aid plan after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. "Half a billion is the sum of the funds
made available" for the families and the city of Genoa. "Amounts available to us from Monday", he specified.

Compensation for displaced persons
"To build the bridge safely, a fund will be allocated to give compensation to all those who are forced to leave the houses," Castellucci explained. "There is the possibility to levy toll on the junction from Genoa from Bolzaneto to Voltri to West Genoa from Monday."

New steel bridge in 8 months
"We will build a new bridge, months that the studies tell us, they serve between demolition and the reconstruction of a steel structure have less impact for Valpolcevera", Castellucci promised

"I do not talk about relationships with the government"
"Other themes as the relationship between us and the government, we will treat them again". And then: "We will work together with the judiciary to come to the truth about the disaster".

"Dismissal? My priority to help Genoa?"
"My only concern is to help overcome the crisis of Genoa and the company that caused the crisis has hit our employees, the rest will be seen later ", said Castellucci, reacted to a journalist who asked him to resign. "The responsibility for the collapse has to be determined The bridge was built in the late 60's, not by us, it will be necessary to see how it is built and a series of other elements to define the responsibilities. connectedness, but we do not believe that there are conditions to take responsibility for an event that needs to be investigated at the bottom and I am convinced that the research will really reveal what has happened. "

Benetton: with respect are we neighbors
"On this day of mourning our thoughts are directed to everyone who has known and loved them who are no longer present today after the tragedy of Genoa". The Benetton family signs a note with which he repeats his condolences. "With respect – continues the letter – we want to express our deep sadness and show our true closeness to those affected by the terrible events of August 14th."

Di Maio: the state does not accept alms from Autostrade [19659007] "Let's be clear: the state does not accept alms from Autostrade, we demand credible repairs and there will be no exchange". Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio writes in a post on Facebook. "The only way the government will follow – confirms the minister – is to continue with the withdrawal procedure, their apologies are of little use and there is no way to alleviate the suffering of a city destroyed by pain". "Today – he concludes – we have made a promise to the families of the victims and to all the citizens who are involved in the tragedy in Genoa and we will honor it by going to the end".

Salvini: "Scuse Autostrade Better late than never" [19659007] "Today I saw that Autostrade company apologized: better late than never, they said they can help displaced persons in trouble after what happened if someone thinks they can compensate or prevent their mistakes, it is the only minimum union. " This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, Matteo Salvini, speaking at a public meeting in the café La Versiliana & # 39; on the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa.

Government sources: money Autostrade does not block withdrawal [19659007] And the government continues with the withdrawal of the concession. "As far as Autostrade's proposal is concerned, as was stated in the statement yesterday: we have initiated the concession termination procedure and will certainly not stop because Autostrade offers to allocate funds for the serious damage caused by the tragedy, only if partial reparation of damages is accepted, without this having consequences for the greater damage and for the termination of the concession ". This is what the executive sources say in the evening.

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