CAtania – Eighteen, aboard a delegation of the Garant of rights.Salvini: "ready to explain" Italy

The "protest" of the arancini

The Catanians sympathize with the migrants who are stuck on the ship Eighteen in the port of the Sicilian town

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Rome – A delegation from the National guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of liberty the staff visited the ship of Diciotti, moored in the port of Catania. On board 148 migrants, after landing, last night of the 29 "unaccompanied" minors. The committee has implemented a number of them checks according to the optional protocol to the United Nations Convention against the torture and other cruel punishments or treatments, inhuman or degrading, ratified by Italy.

The case has also intervened in the case Guarantor for childhood that asked for activate a small security.

«The landing in Catania dei foreign minors not accompanied by the ship "Eighteen" – wrote the deposit in a note Filomena Albano – has implemented the provisions of Law 47/2017, which prohibits rejection. In this way, we can note with satisfaction that we have followed the principles of the Italian Constitution, which are set out in Article 31 protect youth and youthand those of the New York Convention, referred to in Article 2 recognizes equal rights for all minors, without distinction of national, ethnic or social origin ".

Terre des Hommes: «we welcomed 27 skeletons»

«We received 27 skeletons, the leaner was a bit shorter than me and weighed about thirty pounds, the leg with the same diameter of my wrist. We welcomed 27 skeletonsone was everything and only ears. We received 27 skeletons, someone could not walk because it was full of pain. We welcomed 27 skeletons, three of them had thin bandages around their wrists, their feet and their arm. We welcomed 27 skeletons, including two beautiful girls ». It is the testimony of an operator – published by Terre des Hommes – present at the port of Catania last night at the disembarkation of the 27 minors of the ship Diciotti.

Salvini, after agreeing to the landing, clarified: «Nobody lands from the others with my permission
. If they want to intervene, the President of the Republic or the President of the Council will do so, but not with my permission. & # 39;

And this morning Salvini is back to talk about the problem of landings: «My goal is the Australian "No way". No rescue operation at sea is set foot in Australia, "he said in an interview with RTL.

"If there is a public prosecutor who wants to interrogate me, I am ready tomorrow morning to explain my reasons", He added on the issue of the ship Diciotti and the investigation of the prosecutor of Agrigento, who presumes the crime of abduction.

| Eighteen, call Mattarella-Conte: "Let's get rid of everyone."
Salvini: not with my permission

And after that the institutional confrontation with FicoSalvini said: "With Luigi Di Maio I work very well. Someone else has a lot of time to talk, I think of the President of the House, who occasionally says and makes exactly the contract of other M5 members: it is a problem that will solve them ».

Martina: «The ship Eighteen is the symbol of the failure of this government»

"The ship Eighteen is the symbol of the failure of this government, unable to manage, they destroy their propaganda about people being held hostage by the arrogance of the talkative sovereign, in the middle of Italy that does not deserve it all." The Secretary from the Democratic Party, Maurizio Martina, writes it on Twitter.

The church of Catania: «Liberate them, say humanity»

«The Catania Church joins the many who have recently risen to the competent authorities because the migrants have arrived in the port of our city, on ship Diciotti, they can finally land and after so many adventures and suffering a right solution in their difficult situation. "So the l & # 39;Archdiocese of Catania, with a call to which the diocese of Acireale participates.

About the case the prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, who inspected the ship's watch yesterday opened an investigation and hypothetical crimes of kidnapping and illegal detention, talking about a very critical situation. "We ask – adds the note signed by the Vicar General, Monsignor Salvatore Genchi – that the many reasons that are invoked are preceded by that humanitarian, which can not and can not be the last of many considerations. We have learned with relief that minors can leave the ship; we expressly ask that all other migrants, men and women, is allowed to disembark and put an end to the drama that they experience. We look forward to positive reactions and elevate our prayer to the Father, the defender of the weak. "

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