Child of the fourth floor, it is not serious – Last Hour

(ANSA) – LIVORNO, 25 August – A child of 1 year and a half later
out of the box on the windowsill of one
window of the house and fell from the four floors: depending on how much
reported by the 118 would apparently not have reported seriously
wounds. The child would always be according to rescuers
ended up on the hood of a car parked under the building,
he probably eased the fall. The accident happened
just before 19:00 in a building in the north of
Softening the fall of the child would also be a gods
threads that were used to lay the clothes ran to the floors below the fourth,
where he fell from. One of the first to arrive on the street was the
mother who immediately realized what was happening. On the spot
an SVS ambulance arrived with the doctor on board: the child
he was transferred to the shock room at the hospital in Livorno
what doctors do all the research for
excludes internal injuries.


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