Clash between Salvini and Toninelli: "La Diciotti will not moor"

The story of the ship Diciotti of the Coast Guard, in the middle of a tug of war between Italy and Malta and for a day off Lampedusa with 177 migrants on board, contains a new chapter. According to some unrelated sources of Lampedusa, the ship would sail towards Pozzallo. The first inhabitant of the largest of the Pelagians, Totò Martello, although he said he was available for the reception, first denied: "The ship Diciotti is not on our way to our city". Then he added: "For about twenty minutes it goes towards the coasts of Sicily". In reality, however, there is still no official in the port of landing.

Minister of Transport, Danilo Toninelli, wrote for his part on Twitter: "The Diciotti ship will moor in Catania: the brave men of the coast guard have fulfilled their duty by saving lives just 17 miles from Lampedusa. But for the time being, the Interior Ministry is blocking the hypothesis of disembarkation and it is the Ministry of the Interior to announce that no permission will be given for the landing until it is certain that the migrants on board will go elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini remains in line and Valletta agrees: "The Maltese government says that on the last occasion an Italian ship came from its waters of competence and entered the waters of Maltese competence. reliability in these weeks, but let's say that I check that our men do what they have to do and not something else ".

The prosecutor of Agrigento has opened an investigation and the National Guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of liberty, "after having taken note of the fifth day of forced stay of the 177 rescued migrants" and still aboard the ship Diciotti, has informed the high offices of the state "with some of its evaluations" on each other. According to the Garant this is a "case of humanitarian interest: the coast guard ship has been home to migrants for five days, who have been rescued in the Maltese waters Sar, and has been in the bay of Lampedusa for at least three days, without a landing site. has been identified ".

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